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What Makes Us Different

Are you looking for a knowledgeable Asheville dog trainer to help with a new puppy, recent adoptee, or long-time canine family member? Look no further! Tessa Sternbach, owner of Ruff Life Dog Training, has been training since 2014 and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). She is here to help with any training needs ranging from basic obedience and housebreaking to complex behavioral consultations related to dog or people aggression, separation anxiety, and more.

But what makes Ruff Life AVL different goes deeper than this!

A Fully Immersive Dog Training Experience

We do things quite differently here. At Ruff Life, our entire team is here because we REALLY care about you and your dog. We want to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience that is both immersive and well-rounded.


Each of our services piggybacks off the others and our #1 priority is always that your dog is safe and comfortable. Instead of rushing through training, we focus on building relationships with the bigger goal of strengthening the bond between you and your pup.


If you are here, you likely know that training is more than learning sit + stay. It is about building trust. It is vital that your dog trusts you and you trust your dog. We teach dog-to-dog communication, conduct in-depth 1:1 assessments, and ultimately believe your dog, no matter the obstacles they face has what it takes to be a well-behaved dog.


In the end, our clients improve the quality of life for both themselves and their dogs.


Expect to experience a hands-on, involved, personalized experience. Even during our socialization program, your dog will be learning among their peers who are also in training.


Remember, Ruff Life is 100% inclusive. We work with all dogs, including those with behavioral challenges such as anxiety and reactivity. Our community is also inclusive to all humans, including all LGBTQ+ community members. 


If you are ready to become a part of the Ruff Life pack, contact us today!

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