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We require new training clients to complete a 30 -45 minute in-person introduction seminar prerequisite (no dogs) before the first day of training. There is no additional charge for this if you are registered for a group class.

We require new training clients to either complete a 30 - 45 minute online asynchronous introductory seminar or a 1-hour in-person consultation before the first day of training.




Classes meet weekly and are offered year-round. 

Each class is followed by a brief, structured socialization period. Any dog enrolled is invited to stay after class for supervised and guided social play opportunities. 

Ready to sign up for a future class? Visit our events page for dates, locations, and times.



Leash Walking

This course will discuss equipment to assist with leash walking manners and we will be implementing (or refreshing) commands, and working with a variety of distractions to assist with proofing leash manners. This course is perfect for pups new to leash manners, pups who need to brush up, or pups who need more distractions to proof their leash walking.

Recall & Engagement

In this course, we will be introducing the basics of recall to you and your pup. We will be providing you with various tools, techniques, and commands to assist with introducing or improving upon your pup's recall word. This course is best suited for pups new to recall, pups who need more distractions to proof recall, or pups who need to brush up

House Manners

In this course, we will cover commands such as stay and place. We will also be working on manners such as greeting people in the home and/or manners around food. The goal for the end of the course would be that you can take the tools and commands that we have implemented and continue to build on them outside of the course.

We do offer packages for our group classes.

Basic Obedience


Take your dog's focus and obedience to the next level with our Advanced Leash Walking, Advanced Recall, Impulse Control, and/or Canine Good Citizen courses.

These classes are offered to those who have completed the appropriate Beginner's course or have consulted with our head trainer, Tessa.

We do offer packages for our group classes.

Intermediate Obedience
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Along with our Beginner's and Advanced Obedience courses, we also occasionally offer 3- to 4-week long courses in tricks and scentwork throughout the year.

Other training or learning opportunities include our one-time

1-hour long seminars. We offer seminars led by our trainers or a guest throughout the year and will address a variety of topics including, but not limited to: nutrition, engagement, enrichment, and puppy basics.


Pack Walks for Current Clients

We will offer 1-2 outings a month. These outings are in different locations which provide great opportunities for training in real world scenarios with the Ruff Life pack.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a current client.


We do offer packages for this service. 




8am - 6pm

Monday Exclusive:  Half day drop off training available.

In this program, we’re able to address a variety of training goals/commands, such as leash training, recall, muzzle training, stay/wait, etc. With drop off training, we will be able to implement new commands related to your training goals or brush up on current commands in new environments.

Drop Off Training

Many of our offerings are open to new and current clients only! Contact us if you are interested in becoming a client or would like to register for a group training course.

Keep an eye on the website and our events page for upcoming class announcements!

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