Each class is followed by a brief, structured socialization period. Any dog enrolled is invited to stay after class for supervised and guided social play opportunities.  Classes meet weekly and are offered year round.


Visit our EVENTS page for dates, locations, and times.

Seven week course 

 Our group classes will focus on basic obedience and will provide important information about your dog's behavior so you can implement new practices at home. We cover topics such as leash manners, stop on place, recall and more. Dogs four months and older are welcome!


Open to new current clients.



Five week course

Intermediate Obedience:  Take your dog's focus and obedience to the next level with the addition of hand commands, off-leash work in the training center, and more distraction work.


This class is offered to those who have completed Basic Obedience with Ruff Life or have consulted with head trainer Tessa.

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For puppies 4 months - 1 year old. 

This is a perfect opportunity for your playful pup to socialize with other puppies in a similar age group. It will also focus on teaching and learning all the necessities that pups need to get off on the right paw!  Open to new and current clients.

**Class available based on demand. Email us to express your interest so we can let you know when our next class will be held!


Twice a month we have outings in different locations, which are a great training opportunity to practice training in public with the Ruff Life pack!

For current clients only! Contact us if you are interested in becoming a current client.


Watch our EVENTS page for upcoming opportunities to join in on these fun outings. 



We offer specific goal focused training courses that rotate throughout the year. Some courses that are offered include: Leash walking manners, E-Collar and Recall, and a Tricks course. 

For current clients only! Contact us if you are interested in becoming a current client.


Watch our EVENTS page for upcoming class announcements.