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I'm Tessa Sternbach and here's my pack Ellie, Freddie, and Daisy Mae!

I have been providing professional dog training services to Western North Carolina since 2014. I have an in-depth knowledge of canine learning and ethology, the science of behavior, and a passion for helping people and pups have a fun and peaceful life together. I believe in using best practice techniques, avoiding unnecessary aversive stimuli, and having an open mind for continuous learning. 

Every pup is different and has its own personality.  I’ll work with you to give them the specific guidance they need.
Please give me a call with any questions or to set up an appointment. ~ Tessa


"Tessa's specialty is dog and human aggression so there has never been a dog (or human) that Tessa couldn't work with!"


Tessa Sternbach, CPDT-KA 
Ruff Life Dog Training , Asheville
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed


Ruff Life offers Professional Dog Training Services to  Asheville and surrounding areas:  

Enka, Candler, Canton, Hendersonville, Fletcher, Arden, Fairview, Mills River, & Brevard.

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