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Your dog can have his own vacation getaway!

Going out of town? Last minute emergency? Do you just need a night off from your dog?

We offer overnight boarding for new and current clients. Boarding includes our daily socialization program if your dog is able to be in the group. It also includes walks, personal playtime, and snuggle time with staff.


Dogs stay in their own kennels. We ask you to bring your own food. Feel free to bring their own bed or blanket that smells like home or we will provide something comfy for them to sleep on.


During their breaks, we offer them a kong, chew, or some sort of enrichment. We will take on any size, breed, or temperament, and we have the training knowledge to accommodate dogs who are not able to be around other dogs or who are not able to be handled by most people.

NEW BOARDING CLIENTS WILL REQUIRE AN ASSESSMENT BEFORE BEING ABLE TO BOARD.  Contact us for more information, questions, concerns and rates.