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Tuesday - Friday  8am -6pm

This program targets specific training goals and commands such as: leash training, recall, muzzle training, stay/wait, and more. Dogs will be taught new commands related to your training goals and they can be generalized in new environments. Ruff Life’s assistant trainers work directly with drop-off training pups 1:1 for a minimum of 1.5 hours (full day) or 45 minutes (half day) in addition to focused attention in play groups with our socialization team. We create a positive environment while also challenging your dog with many different breeds, sizes, and temperaments. 

daily exercise & socialization: Service

After meeting training goals at the training center, your dog will be taken on field trips to nearby locations where they will face new distractions and practice their commands in a new environment. Each training session will conclude with a report card including: training tasks and activities, specific commands, any equipment changes, and how to proceed with their training at home. Additionally, videos of training sessions are provided via email or our Facebook group (Ruff Life Drop Off Training Clients).

Each day booked includes 3-4 training sessions at our training center. Depending on pup’s success, we may move training sessions to another location nearby to increase distractions (ie, a park, Lowe’s, etc) and further proof their commands.

Drop Off Time: 8:00am-9:30am

Pick Up Time: any time before 6:00pm.


Daily rate:  $80

*We offer packages to provide a discount on this daily rate.

New Clients:

Online Socialization Booking

We are a primarily outdoor facility. We will operate in rain or shine.

Socialization (including VIP) and Drop-off Training spots will be limited and we HIGHLY recommend booking in advance. We can’t wait to provide our pack more personalized training and care to target specific training goals.

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